TiHanger - Ano (Set)

Theeve's One Piece Axleless Ti-Hanger is up to twice as strong and 20% lighter than anything on the market. Titanium is up to 8 times harder than aluminum alloy, lending them exceptional longevity. Being constructed from one single piece of titanium, with no separate axle rod, it can never, ever get axle slip. These trucks were the inspiration behind the now famous true-turning geometry that all Theeve trucks share and come standard with Theeve Hardcore Bushings and now have the added bonus of a light weight hollow kingpin making the trucks even Lighter!

Set of 2 trucks

Weight: 9oz each

Truck Size  Fits Board Widths
7.5" - 8.0"
5.25 7.75" - 8.125"
5.5 8.0" - 8.25"
5.85 8.25" - 8.5"